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Eyes are a form of communication – a window to the soul. It is no wonder many women seek to enhance their beauty and draw attention to this through lash enhancement.

One way of creating drama and adding attention to the eye is through eyelash extension, which enhance already existing lashes. Flutter Lash Boutique in Ferndale is a studio specializing in lash extensions. “Our passion is lashes”, say Flutter Lash Boutique owner Leisa Traylor.

Traylor recognized a need for lash extension studios in the area after going out-of-town, “the concierge pulled up thirty-five lash studio… when I came home, I found three.” Traylor decided to follow her inspiration of providing beauty services and opened Flutter Lash Boutique earlier in 2014. “I saw a need for it in the market here, it’s big in places like California.”

Traylor, having a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, also attended Michigan College of Beauty in Waterford and is certified in Lash Out Loud and Extreme Lash. Traylor says it is best to go to a specialized lash boutique if considering extensions because they offer a better product and application. Flutter Lash boutique uses brands like Extreme Lash, Lash Out Loud, Blink, and Eva Lash, with prices ranging from $25-$150. The different brands over the client a variety of lengths, fullness, and colors to give a customize look.

Consultations are a benefit of lash studios because the they will be able to recommend the appropriate lash extension, and adhesive, and look by examining lash condition and eye shape. Certain extensions were better with certain lash types. “Consultations examine lashes to see what shape they’re in and how fragile or frayed they are. Can’t do mink extensions if the lashes are fragile, (the client) will need something lighter, say Traylor.

Customization of extensions a selecting the right product for the client. Lash extension customization caters to eye shape and condition of the lash, including permanent and semi-permanent application and lash material, mink hair, silk, what synthetic hair. Color of the last can range from natural to glitter.

“Extension really should be customized to give a more natural look. Extensions like Mink are heavier or denser, giving a more dramatic look. If the client does not have a lot of lashes, the extensions have to be V-Lash or semi permanent flares to give a more full look”, says Traylor.

Permanent lashes will last 3-4 weeks, used to enhance the client’s every day look. Semi-permanent lashes will last 2-3 weeks, and are usually selected by clients who want to amp up their look for a special event.

Application of lash extensions is laying lash over lash with an adhesive. Applying lash over lash prevents skin or eyelid damage and creates a more natural look.  “If done appropriately, the application will not damage the eyelash. It is very important to separate and only do one lash to one lash, the proper technique, mimicking your existing lash curvature in shape,” says Traylor.

Lash extensions applied without a lash to adhere to but can be used on thinning natural lashes to darken lashes and give a fuller, natural look.

It is required that last extension studios use an FDA approved adhesive. Some FDA approved adhesives do contain chemicals such as for formaldehyde or rubber latex that can cause allergic reaction in some clients. Maybe studios, including Flutter Lash Boutique, offer hypoallergenic adhesive for sensitive skin and eyes. The FDA suggests testing the adhesive on a  small patch of skin if you are concerned about an allergy.

Care for lashes are minimal. If the lash fades after a weeks, Traylor suggest a waterproof mascara or clear mascara to maintain shine. Traylor recommends permanent extension should be maintained every three weeks since the extensions grow out or shed with the natural lashes.

The client to remove semi-permanent lashes, preferably with steam. Permanent lashes should be removed by professionals to prevent damage to the existing lash.

Traylor believes the trend for eyelash extensions will continue to grow in the metro Detroit area. “Fifty percent of our clients have never down eyelash extensions before. Most clients come from referrals from other clients. A lot of women see their eyelashes looks so pretty, they sell themselves.”

Traylor is confident eyelash extensions will be a growing beauty regimen and plans to expand her business to include eyelash extension training in 2015 with Carol Fox, owner of CC’s Boutique.

Flutter Lash Boutique is hosting Lash and Dash Fridays and Saturdays in December which include a lash strip and beverage for $18. The studio is also available for private events.